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Well that's that, then. - My Whine in Silence

About Well that's that, then.

Previous Entry Well that's that, then. 1st Oct, 2008 @ 21:41 Next Entry
As of 15:00 yesterday, I am no longer in education. This is the first time this has happened (not counting summer holidays and the relatively small gaps between school & college, college & uni) since I was approximately 4 years old.

Yes, dear readers, the dissertation was handed in - following some substantial drama which I cannot be bothered to recount here. This was followed by a commemorative pint.

So what now? Well for starters, entries here are unlikely to be quite so regular. As always, direct your gaze to A Sceptical I to catch my regular brain-trash. That said, I've got a Big Move coming up in the middle of next month, so this blog may provide a dumping-ground for matters related.

This weekend sees a visit to Wolverhampton, and when I return I plan to make the most of my free time - reading fiction(!), writing same, watching films I've been meaning to watch for bloody ages, likewise with TV shows, getting fresh air and exercise, being social, and a modicum of doing Nothing. Because I've missed it.

Until next time.

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Date:2nd October 2008 15:33 (UTC)

Hey up,

If your going to wolverhampton soon does that mean you are in southampton at the moment?
Perhaps we can meet up before you move.
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Date:2nd October 2008 16:10 (UTC)

Re: Hey up,

I'm off to Wolves tomorrow morning but will be around for most of the rest of the month when I return on Monday. We definitely have to meet up before my move, and we should have ample opportunity to do so.

For reference, the current schedule is:

Wolves visit: 3rd October -> 6th October
Wolves visit: 31st October -> 7th November
Final permanent move (hopefully): 15th/16th November.
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